Load Capacity425 lbs
Temp. Range-4°F to 220°F


  • Unground, non-precision
  • Stamped metal construction
  • Zinc plated mild steel
  • Full ball compliment
  • Front polymer seal
  • Front and rear shields
  • Stamped metal adapter
  • Replaceable
  • Grease packed

Application Info

This is a common bearing for a 2-1/2 OD roller, fit into an adapter that allows it to be installed in a 3-1/2 OD x 7 ga. roller with relatively light loads. A metal shield ring supports a polymer sealing ring to hold out small amounts of large particle debris. Not recommended for extremely dusty environments. Grease allows the bearing to be used for powered applications but also recommended for gravity applications with 3.5 OD rollers.

Similar Bearings

  • 31439 has an 11/16 hex bore

Special Notes

  • 102130-GP is the bearing part number
  • 102080 is the sleeve part number