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About Omni Metalcraft’s OEM Division

Omni Metalcraft’s OEM Division provides conveyors, replacement rollers, and components to OEMs that manufacture equipment used in the packaging, processing, and material handling industries. From individual conveyors, turntables, and transfers to custom equipment layouts, we work closely with you to ensure you have the right products for the right applications. Special widths, lengths, paint colors, and private labeling are just a few of the many options available to help ensure your success.


Our customers are other OEMs from various industries located throughout North America. Industries include package handling, processing and material handling. We offer a full catalog of equipment from standard designs to specialized systems that include sorting, diverting, accumulating, indexing and depalletizing.

Our Equipment Integrates with:

Your Packaging Machinery – Bagging, Bottling, Case Forming, Case Packing, Case Sealing, Dispensing, Feeding System, Filling, Labeling, Palletizing, Printing, Stacking, Strapping, Weighing, Wrapping

Your Material Handling Equipment – AGVs, Carts, Conveyors, Racks, Scissor Lift Tables, Tilters, Up-Enders, Vertical Lifts

Your Process Machinery – Automated Cells, Baking, Blasting, Cooling, Curing, Cutting, Drying, Filtration Systems, Finishing Systems, Gluing, Heat Treat, Heating, Laminating, Machining, Mixing, Ovens, Pipe, Presses, Sawing, Shearing, Steel Handling, Tire Handling, Tube Handling, Washing, Welding Automation

OEM Tools

Division Services

  • Online Pricing Programs
  • Customized Part Numbers
  • Private Labeling
  • Blind Shipping
  • Stocking Programs
  • Build to Customer Design/Prints
  • Modular Controls
  • Prepay and Add Freight
  • Assembled Conveyor Sections

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▸ Phone: 989.358.7000
▸ Email: conveyors@omni.com

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