Load Capacity300 lbs
Temp. Range10°F to 150°F


  • ABEC-1 precision
  • Polypropylene outer housing
  • Polypropylene hex adapter
  • Mild steel internal radial bearing
  • Ball retainer
  • Front and rear seals
  • Double-labyrinth shielded housing
  • Grease packed

Application Info

Overlapping parts of the bearing housing create a labyrinth shield that helps prevent debris from getting inside the bearing, without creating rotational drag. The internal radial bearing includes additional metal shields for added protection. Recommended for powered applications in dirty environments. The polypropylene housing makes installation easy but limits load capacity and is sensitive to heat. Not recommended for heavy loads or high temperatures.

Similar Bearings

  • 114197-GP does not have labyrinth shields
  • 114238-GP does not have labyrinths shields and has a stainless steel internal radial bearing
  • 102249-GP is an equivalent unground crimped bearing

Special Notes

  • Requires tube to be crimped. Not replaceable