Material Handling for Metal Manufacturing

Cisco-Eagle is a complete turn key integrator who supplies material handling products to many industries. They specialize in providing robust equipment utilized in extreme environments to material handling equipment used in high speed distribution centers. Cisco-Eagle has been working with Omni Metalcraft Corp. over many years to develop numerous custom tube handling conveyor solutions. This case study highlights three of these solutions.

The Challenge: Pipe and Tube Conveying Systems

Cisco-Eagle works with numerous heavy duty, industrial steel manufacturing companies requiring tubular shaped pipes to be conveyed with each application requiring unique solutions.

Challenge #1: Saw Line Discharge Conveyor for Tube Manufacturing

A metal tube manufacturer needed to update their tube sorting process. They wanted a more efficient way to sort and discharge defective tubes using automation.

The Solution: Omni provided a robust tube handling conveyor consisting of concave rollers and specially designed kick off arms. The arms were designed to discharge defective tube off of one side of the conveyor and transfer acceptable tube off of the other side. This eliminated the use of overhead cranes reducing manpower in this process.

Pipe Lifter

Challenge #2: Transporting Tube in a Cutting Operation over a Walkway

A metal tube fabricator was expanding their operations and needed a conveyor to transport and center the tube for cutting it to length. The tube was in the final stages of processing, therefore a heavy duty coated surface was needed to protect its finish. A lift gate was also needed to allow operators, fork trucks and carts to pass thru the processing area.

The Solution: Omni designed a Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor with rollers utilizing a machined, heavy duty concave urethane coating. The coated rollers not only protect the tube finish but also accurately centered it for the saw cut off operation. The lift gate is hydraulically actuated to eliminate operators from having a manual lift interface.

Lift Gate

Challenge #3: Outdoor Pipe Cutting Operation

A manufacturer, who builds product for the oil industry, needed to expand their production and decided to move their cutting operation outdoors. They needed a conveyor to handle heavy tubes in a broad range of diameters and lengths as well as withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

The Solution: Omni provided a heavy duty, tube handling Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor equipped with custom concave rollers built to withstand the elements. The concave roller conveyor fed tubes of all sizes into the saw, where the tube was cut to length, and then conveyed back into the facility.

Pipe Conveyor

Cisco-Eagle and Omni Metalcraft Corp. have worked together to provide successful, custom industry solutions for Cisco-Eagle’s tube manufacturing customers.

Case Study Details

  • The Product: Tube
  • The Industries: Metal Manufacturing
  • The Components: CDLR, Lift Gates, Rollers, Coatings

The Providers

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Dallas, TX 75234

System Conveyors
Omni Metalcraft Corp.
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