Automated Robotic Stations with Custom-Built Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor and Level-Lift Chain Transfers for the assembly of EV Batteries

As EV production rates continue to increase, throughout the next decade and beyond, so does the need for a Build-to-Order solution to increase throughput for EV battery production. Omni Metalcraft, in a collaborative manner with an Integrator customer, worked together to provide an automated solution for EV Battery build stations.

The Challenge

A leading EV manufacturer needed a series of automated robotic stations for their start-to-finish EV battery build processes. During assembly, dunnage racks and pallets of varying weights and sizes, needed to be loaded into each individual station. This is where the product needed to be brought into a precise location, where components would be picked by a robot, and then installed into the battery tray. The system needed to be reliable, accurate, and have the ability to convey product weights ranging from approximately 300lbs, all the way to approximately 3500lbs.

The Solution

Omni Metalcraft built a series of In/Out stations to the customer’s specifications. The equipment sold included Build-to-Order Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor, Cylinder Actuated Level-Lift Chain Transfers, provisions for controls, sensors, and pipe/wire mounting. Additional Build-to-Order accessories included custom End-Stops, and a heavy-duty adjustable funnel-guide system with laser cutouts to accommodate photo-eye vision. In some instances, we utilized heavy duty rollers that underwent a soft nitriding process. This enabled the racks to be squared into a corner in the robot picking zone, and then lifted and transferred to an adjustable Back-Stop. All stations were built as modular sections and were designed to accept customer-spec sensors and controls.

Case Study Details

  • The Product: EV Battery Components
  • The Industries: Automotive / E-Mobility
  • The Components: Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors and Level-Left Chain Transfers

The Providers

System Conveyors
Omni Metalcraft Corp.
Alpena, Michigan 49707