Load Capacity130 lbs
Temp. Range-40°F to 140°F
Max Speed200 rpm


  • Unground, Non-Precision
  • Stamped metal construction
  • Zinc plated mild steel
  • Lightly oiled

Application Info

Designed specifically for 2” OD tubing. Light oil offers very little rotational drag making this bearing highly recommended for gravity applications with light products. The lack of seals or shields further reduces drag but offers no protection against dirt and debris. Not recommended for dirty or dusty environments. The light oil is not recommended for powered applications where the bearing is rotating continuously.

Similar Bearings

  • 115902-O is an equivalent bearing from a different manufacturer
  • 114208-O is an equivalent poly housed ABEC bearing

Special Notes

  • 115902-O is preferred over this bearing because it is kept in stock
  • This bearing should only be used if 115902-O has run out of stock