High Capacity Roll Handling System

Efficient, Easy and Economical

Cisco-Eagle is a complete turn key integrator who supplies material handling products to many industries. They specialize in providing robust equipment utilized in extreme environments to material handling equipment used in high speed distribution centers. Cisco-Eagle and Omni Metalcraft Corp. have been working together over the years to development solutions in multiple industries.

The Challenge

A tissue paper manufacturer was installing a new line into an existing facility. They needed a system of conveyors that would transport various sized rolls up to 12,000 lbs. The conveyors needed to integrate with additional equipment provided by other OEMs.

The Solution

Omni Metalcraft Corp. provided Heavy Duty Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor feeding and discharging a large diameter Turntable for transitioning various sized rolls 90 degrees. The system started at the lower level of the facility conveying raw rolls of tissue into a Reciprocating Vertical Conveyor, outfitted with Omni CDLR mounted integral. The roll was then transitioned to the second level, conveyed into a stretch wrapper and out to shipping.

Cisco-Eagle and Omni’s solution allowed easier and faster handling of extremely heavy loads creating an efficient, easy and economical solution.

Case Study Details

  • The Product: Paper Rolls
  • The Industries: Paper
  • The Components: CDLR and Turntable

The Providers

2120 Valley View Lane
Dallas, TX 75234
Website: www.cisco-eagle.com

System Conveyors
Omni Metalcraft Corp.
Alpena, Michigan 49707