Building Rows with ARB for Robotic Palletizing

When a company needs to create multiple rows with varying sized packages fast and efficiently, they don’t often have time to perform elaborate equipment change overs and hold up production. This case study outlines how Omni Metalcraft Corp. utilized the proper technology to get the job done.

The Challenge: Build Rows for Robotic Palletizing with Multiple Size Packages

A customer of Midwest Engineered Systems Group approached them with a need for a robotic palletizer. They had three different case sizes with the smallest having a throughput of 50 cases per minute. They wanted to be able to build layers with any case size without elaborate conveyor change over.

The Solution: ARB Row Forming System

By utilizing Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB), Midwest was able to simultaneously build a row, while picking another on the same conveyor without any change over. ARB equipped conveyor can simply switch, bump turn and crowd multiple package types either all to one corner or into opposite corners maximizing the effectiveness of the end effector. This patented technology from Intralox can not only build multiple rows, but can build simple layers for robotic palletizing.

Double Row Forming with ARB

Case Study Details

  • The Product: 25 lb Cases of Liquids
  • The Industries: Consumer Goods
  • The Components: ARB Switch, ARB Bump Turn, ARB Crowder, 165 Kilo Robot with 90 lb IB End Effector

The Providers

Midwest Engineered Systems Group
W233 N2800 Roundly Circle West Suite 200
Pewaukee, WI
262 .436.0381

System Conveyors
Omni Metalcraft Corp.
Alpena, Michigan 49707