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Jug Packaging Line

Omni provided a Modular Table Top Conveyor with tool-free, adjustable, double high side guides to transport and accumulate jugs for labeling.

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Omni Reman Program

Giving Your Lift a New Lease on Life

Our remanufacturing program is a service offered with the purchase of an Omni Scissor Lift. This service will allow your company to participate in the ulitimate form of recycling by decreasing expenditures and preserving resources.
Omni Reman Program

The days of taking goods to the landfill are well behind us as further growth in remanufacturing and other recovery methods are becoming more prevalent in the material handling industry. By offering the customer the chance to participate in the ultimate form of recycling (to decrease their expenditures and preserve resources) is just one way we can build a better future. Eco-driven innovations like remanufacturing are a great first step to show a commitment to our customers, our earth and our environment.

How the Omni Reman Program Works


Our program functions as a closed loop system; with the purchase of an Omni scissor lift the customer is automatically entitled to this service.


During the life cycle of the lift, when the equipment is ready for remanufacture, the core (lift) will be returned to Omni. The scissor lift will then go through a full remanufacturing audit. An audit report will be returned to the customer detailing what work should be performed, complete with an estimated cost and any recommended upgrades or retro-fitting options.


The remanufacturing process will bring your equipment up to date with a warranty to match.


For a downloadable PDF explaining the Omni Reman Program click here


Before Remanufacturing


After Remanufacturing


Before and After Remanufacture

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