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Pneumatic Series Scissor Lifts


The Pneumatic Series scissor lifts are a versatile production tool to maximize shop efficiency and decrease worker fatigue and injury. Since the Pneumatic lifts simply operated on shop air they can be used in multiple locations throught the plant. These units provide an economical means to decrease worker fatigue and injury by providing the proper ergonomic height.
Pneumatic Series Scissor Lifts


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The pneumatic scissor lift has many features and benefits that make it the best choice over the hydraulic actuated lifts in certain applications.   Our experienced sale staff will assist in making the sure you have the proper scissor lift to get the job done. 

One key benefit to the pneumatic lift is that is simply operates on shop air which is often readily available thoroughout most facilities.   Food and Beverage industries often do not allow the hydraulic units to be present in their facilities for fear of leaking and contamination which is why the Stainless Steel pneumatic lift is often found in these facilities.  Without hydraulics, there is no fluid, eliminating the environmental and safety concerns that come with it.   Omni Metalcraft understands these benefits and that is why a pneumatic tilter is also a part of the offering.

If the application calls for exact positioning than the hydraulic lift would be the lift of choice since with the air will compress on the pneumatic scissor lift, there will always be a small amount of bounce when products are placed on or removed from the platform. 

Standard Specifications

§  Firestone or Goodyear air bag

§  Cam Follower rollers

§  Maintenance stops

§  Pedestal mounted hand valve

§  Hand tool removable pines


Common Options

§  Oversized tops

§  Manual turntables

§  Tilters

§  Dampers (motion stabilizers)

§  Stainless steel platforms







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