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Ultrex® Sleeves

Quick Accumulation Solution

Ultrex® sleeves are hard plastic sleeves that fit loosely over a roller. The main purpose of Ultrex® sleeves is to allow a powered conveyor to accumulate product without damaging the rollers or the product.
Ultrex® Sleeves

There is enough friction between rollers and sleeves that products can be conveyed normally even though the sleeves are not fixed to the rollers.  When products are stopped the sleeves are free to stop with the product which prevents damage to the product.  The rollers continue to rotate inside the sleeves.  The smooth surface of the Ultrex® slides freely over metal rollers without damaging the sleeve or the roller. 

Ultrex® sleeves are made form a high impact plastic that can also be used to protect the rollers from being dented or scratched.  Dents in tubing create stress points that can fatigue the material over time.  This makes the tube susceptible to permanent deflection where it can become bowed and out of round.   Ultrex® sleeves resist denting much better than metal roller tubes.  They also distribute impact loads across the length of the tube preventing further deflection and damage.  If the Ultrex® sleeves are damaged they are much easier and more cost effective to replace than rollers.

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