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Wide Range of Materials & Sizes

Omni Metalcraft Corp. offers a variety of roller coatings that are suitable for a wide range of material handling applications. From food processing to conveying engine blocks, we have a coating solution that will protect conveyed product, prolong the life of the roller and withstand the challenges of demanding environments; such as high temperature, abrasion, corrosion, and exposure to sunlight, chemicals and moisture.

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Roller coatings provide numerous advantages and are often used for:

§         Product protection

§         Shock absorption

§         Noise reduction

§         Improved traction


Commonly Used Coverings

Conveyor roller sleeves offer cost-effective covering solutions with a quick turn around. Sleeves are available in urethane and vinyl materials for all standard roller sizes.  They provide great product protection, have good traction and noticeably reduce noise. Rigid plastic press-fit sleeves are available for applications where low friction and/or chemical resistance is important.

Cast urethanes are unique coating solutions that combine many of the advantages of rigid plastics with the elasticity of rubber. Urethane resists abrasion, provides good grip and reduces the affects of shock and impact on load bearing capacity, which makes it a good choice for many demanding applications.

Millable urethane coatings are synthetic rubbers with extremely good wear resistance. These compounds combine the benefits of rubber with the durability of urethane. They offer excellent traction, abrasion resistance and good load bearing properties.

Vulcanized rubber coatings (such as neoprene, carboxylated nitrile, etc.) are utilized extensively due to their good shock and sound absorption, superior grip, impact resistance and good rebound properties.

Coated rollers from Omni Metalcraft Corp. help to improve the quality and efficiency of material handling and are suitable for various applications in these industries, to name a few:

§         Packaging

§         Automotive

§         Pallet Handling

§         Food Processing

§         Luggage Handling

§         Building and Construction

§         Glass Handling

§         Wood Industry


Omni Metalcraft Corp. provides a large variety of coatings and coverings in a wide range of colors, hardnesses and material types with excellent lead time.

For more coating options and custom solutions for your applications please contact one of our sales representatives.


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