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Chain Transfers

Take Your Products in a New Direction

Chain Transfers are used to transfer products 90 onto an adjacent conveyor. They are ideal for pallets or other products with a sturdy conveying surface.
Chain Transfers


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Chain Transfers are used to re-direct products 90° onto an adjacent conveying line. They are ideal for transporting loaded pallets or products with a sturdy conveying surface. Chain transfers can be built to your specific requirements with standard capacities up to 6,000#. Minimum height requirements vary by application but start as low as 12” top of roller. Chain transfers are typically sold as an accessory feature to a CDLR conveyor but can also be sold with Gravity Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, BDLR or as stand alone units.  The transfer structure is typically an integral part of the base conveyor weldment. There are several ways to achieve the vertical actuation. Air bags are one common method and are deployed in sets of 4 to apply direct vertical force to the carriage. Pneumatic cylinders can be deployed in a variety of mechanical setups to indirectly achieve the vertical lift. Airbags require less elevation and cost less than mechanical lift mechanisms but allow product to “rock” during vertical travel. Mechanically raised carriages will cause smooth and even lift but come with the burden of a heavier price tag and higher elevation requirements. This product is one that Omni excels at providing in a customized fashion as customers continually strive to do more in less space.

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