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Jug Packaging Line

Omni provided a Modular Table Top Conveyor with tool-free, adjustable, double high side guides to transport and accumulate jugs for labeling.

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Concrete Block and Cement

The concrete block and cement manufacturing industry is an extreme environment to say the least. Due to the nature of the loads and types of materials being moved throughout the process, rugged and durable material handling equipment is a must. Because of the diversity of the product types and various shapes and sizes, there will often be applications in this industry that requires standard and customized equipment. Omni Metalcraft Corp. has been providing multiple types of material handling equipment for this industry for many years.
Concrete Block and Cement


Block Handling Conveyor 401.pdf
Cement Bag Take-Away 405.pdf
Heavy Duty Plastic Belt Conveyor 502.pdf
Small Product Transition Conveyor 901.pdf


The introduction of the Omni Blockveyor Belt Curve and its innovative design changed the way concrete blocks travel around corners. For example, the Blockveyor utilizes abrasion-resistant belts and has unique cleaning features, and is the product of choice for conveyor turns while maintaining product orientation.  Much of our equipment can support multiple types of loads from individual pavers to full pallets and our experience in the industry will definitely assist in the accurate design and utilization of our material handling equipment.

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Belt Conveyors
Belt Conveyors

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