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Specialty Tooling Systems

Full and Empty Drum Handling

Specialty Tooling Systems out of Grand Rapids Michigan and Omni Metalcraft Corp. worked together to provide an exceptional drum handling solution utilizing multiple types and styles of conveyors and automation. The handling solution called for the accumulation, the robotic washing and the disposal of cardboard drums.
Specialty Tooling Systems

The Challenge:

The handling solution called for the accumulation, the robotic washing and the disposal of 300 lb cardboard drums full of toxic powder substance. Due to the nature of each of these handling applications, different conveying solutions were chosen. Part of the system which included plastic belt conveyors, chain driven live roller and chain transfers, was installed in the “mixing room”, which was an extremely caustic environment that received a weekly bleach water washdown. Due to the nature of this environment, these conveyors were constructed in mostly stainless steel or plastic components with washdown drives.

The Solution:

Indexing chain driven live roller was used for the accumulation portion of the system. Pneumatic pop up chain transfers were utilized for 90 degree transfer of the drums into the chain driven live roller. Modular plastic belting was utilized to transport and accumulate and take away the drums. We utilized turning wheels on the modular plastic belt conveyor when 90 degree transfers were required. After the drum was washed and discharged back on to the chain driven live roller conveyor, we transition the empty drum on a dimple topped Teflon coated belt conveyor, over a chain driven live roller lift gate onto an incline and into a compactor.

Specialty Tooling System

Case Study Details

The Product: 300 lb Filled Drums
The Industries: Chemical
The Components: Belt Conveyors, Plastic Belt, CDLR and Chain Transfers

The Providers:

Specialty Tooling Systems
Grand Rapids, MI 48825

System Conveyors
Omni Metalcraft Corp.
Alpena, Michigan 49707

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