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More Than Just Conveyor

When Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and other equipment manufacturers have needs for private labeling and custom fabrication without the high costs, they come to Omni Metalcraft Corp.
Egemin AGV Conveyor Decks


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More Than Just Conveyor

Egemin is a leading OEM of AGV’s (automated guided vehicles) offering the latest in AGV technology. As a complete system integrator, they can provide an end user one stop shopping for floor conveyor and integrated machines. The powered conveyor decks for Egemin AGV’s require understanding the specific needs of fit, function and durability. Omni Metalcraft Corp's strengths are providing conveyor to meet these specific needs without the high cost of custom equipment.

The Challenge:

Egemin needed heavy duty capabilities and custom modifications to their AGV's without the high cost often associated with custom equipment in addition to private labeling and custom painting.

The Solution:

Omni sales, engineering, and manufacturing departments formed a team dedicated to understanding and meeting Egemin’s high standards for conveyor equipment. This dedicated team, along with engineering and plant management, worked together to make the Egemin conveyor specifications a new 'standard', therefore keeping costs low and reducing Egemin’s bottom line.

Meeting Egemin’s Specific Requirements:

Omni can pre-engineer a collection for the customer; provide pricing, SolidWorks approval drawings and a delivery schedule that fits the customer's needs.

Some of the specialty modifications made to this CDLR included specific mounting holes and cross member locations for the AGV frame mounting. Heavy duty drive rollers with flange mounted bearings were used for this application as well as close roller centers to allow for a variety of pallet types. Additionally, metric fasteners and bearings were utilized along with special end caps that eliminated exposed fasteners at conveyor ends. The brand of motor was also chosen by the customer and the CDLR was provided with a custom powder coated finish and private labeled.

This is just one example of providing the customer with the benefits and control of in-house manufacturing, without the added hassles and overhead.

Egemin AGV Conveyor Decks

Case Study Details

The Product: Various palletized loads, footed and stringer pallet bottoms.
The Industries: Pallet Handling
The Components: Egemin Automation AVG's and CDLR (Chain Driven Live Roller) - close roller center options, precision bearings in rollers

The Providers:

Egemin Automation Inc.
Holland, MI 49424

System Conveyors
Omni Metalcraft Corp.
Alpena, Michigan 49707

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