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Pipe Casting Case Study

Above and Beyond Customization

When the environment of the facility can cause equipment failure and bring production to a halt, customized equipment is in order and that is why our customer called to team up Omni Metalcraft Corp. in the development of the pipe manufacturers scissor lift.

Pipe Casting Case Study

The Challenge:

A leading distributor had a customer in the pipe casting industry that utilized several units of material handling equipment.  Several scissor lifts had been incorporated into their production facility for many years and due to the 24/7 production and the harsh environment of a foundry, the lift tables needed to be heavy duty, durable and easily maintained.  Throughout the years they tried to find a scissor lift provider that would work with them to utilize the replacement components they stocked to make preventative maintenance quick, easy and economical. Unable to find a provider to work with them on design and component specifications, they had to stock many unnecessary components and often replaced the lift tables entirely due to their construction and inability to withstand the environment.

The Solution:

A leading industrial distributor who has worked with Omni Metalcraft Corp. for many years and was very aware of our ability to private label and customize our equipment to the customer's needs while still providing heavy duty equipment at an economical price, brought Omni this application.  When Omni started to work with their end-user and listened to their ideas, we were able to utilize their specified components in the lifts construction.  Designing with the components they requested allowed them to eliminate stocking similar components in inventory from multiple manufacturers.  Omni took the customer's components and concepts and engineered a lift table that more than exceeded expectations.  This lift then became the baseline for all the lift tables made for the pipe manufacturer's facility.  

With multiple lift tables running 24 hours a day throughout the facility, they eventually needed maintenance and some component replacement.  At this point, Omni stepped in and introduced the Omni Reman Program.    When the lift is in need of remanufacturing it is returned to Omni where old or worn components are replaced, the lift is inspected for other mechanical needs, repainted and safety stickers are replaced.  If there is a new use for the lift, it can be retrofitted with other equipment at this time making it as good as new or better. The lift was returned to pipe manufacturer at a fraction of the cost of a new lift. This program has proved to be much more cost effective for the end user than trying to perform the work in house, and it has eliminated the disposal of a lift table into the landfills and giving it a new lease on life.   

This great relationship was built by being flexible and listening to our customer's wants and needs carrying all parties into the future with good products and good business relationships.

Pipe Casting

Case Study Details

The Product: Cast Iron Pipe
The Industries: Metal, Steel, Foundry
The Components: Scissor Lifts

The Providers:

Omni Metalcraft Corp.
Alpena, Michigan 49707

System Components
Omni Metalcraft Corp.
Alpena, Michigan 49707

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